b'COLD WATER STORAGE CONTROLTANKTRONIC ELECTRONIC TANK MANAGEMENT SYSTEMTHE LEADING SOLUTION TO MONITORING AND CONTROLLING WATER STORAGE TANKS Monitors and controls water level and temperature Supports single and multiple tanks Input and output device connectivity Quick-start feature with intuitive interface Alarms, fail-safe and holiday schedule functionality Alarms can be sent to building management systems (BMS) AYLESBURY TMFLOAT VALVE RANGETHE AYLESBURYTM RANGE IS SYNONYMOUS WITH FLOAT VALVE EXCELLENCE WITH TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PRODUCTS IN CONTINUAL USE THROUGHOUT THE UK AND AROUND THE WORLD Maximises tank capacity Improves water turnover No valve bounce, dribble or water hammer Maintenance freewww.hvindex.com page 277CM Keraflo A4 Ad v1.indd 1 08/09/2015 14:18KERAFLO_B2020.indd 1 03/11/2020 14:59'