b'HEATING AND COOLINGSIDE STREAM FILTRATIONAbout UsVEXO are based in Bedfordshire UK and are best known for the patented multi-award winning X-POT Side Stream Filtration system.Compliance Cost OptimisationThe VEXO X-POT has beenThe VEXO X-POT incorporates engineered to BSRIA Bestmultiple technologies, offering; Practice BG29/BG50 ensuringMagnetic Filtration, Chemical that heating and coolingDosing, Sediment Filtration, Air systems can be treated and keptRemoval and Dirt Separation clean to optimise performanceall in one. The X-POT works in and safeguard hydronicside stream reducing pipe equipment work costs and allowing for online servicing.Extensive Range Know-HowWith 5 standard models and 3The VEXO X-POT protects skid variations in the range therethousands of heating and is a VEXO X-POT for all heatingcooling systems, with and cooling system sizes, with ainstallation advise, BIM models working temperature of up to 95and a range of water treatment Deg C, a pressure range of up toplans. Our specialists are on 30 Bar and a load range of up tohand to guide you with your 200MW bringing greaterprojects.protection to all of your projects.Special TreatmentThe VEXO X-PO range of super concentrated pH neutral additives clean, treats, protects 5 YEAR 8 YEAR and restores new and aged systems, delivering superior protection and proven energy STANDARDEXTENDED performance. WARRANTY WARRANTYWHEN USED WITH X-PO10 INHIBITORComing Soon.Vexo S-BMS / S-WMS / S-EMS - Innovating BMS and Monitoring Solutions with Cost Effective Smart and IOT Wireless TechnologiesVexo Y-Mag - Reinventing the Y-Strainer with Dry Pocket Magnet Technology, Increasing System Performance whilst Reducing Maintinancewww.VEXOint.comtechnical@VEXOint.com Tel: 01767 500 150page 296 www.hvindex.comVEXO_XPOT_A2021.indd 1 01/06/2021 11:57'