b'PRODUCTS LTD Specialists in Water TreatmentPhysical Water ConditionersContinued Professional DevelopmentLifescience Products are the specialists in physicalwater treatment and have conducted a considerable* Value Engineering at its Best amount of original research in the field. Some of this ispublished but much of it unpublished. Our face to face* Prevents Limescale Forming presentation gives us the opportunity to talk franklyabout the best (and worst) of this technology and* Removes Existing Scale, where it can be used effectively. It provides all theReducing Energy Costs information a consultant or RSL needs to specify withconfidence and contractors to install correctly.* Uniquely Proven to Lifescience is the only CIBSE and CIPHE accreditedPartially Soften Hot Water provider of CPD in the field of physical water condi-tioning. For further information and to arrange a date,* Suitable for all Pipe Sizes please contact Jonny Seccombe or Darren Stacey onup to DN150 01608 811707 or sales@lifescience.co.ukWATER-KING THE SOFTENER What is the main chemical constituentof Hard Water? Is it:-ALTERNATIVE AT RADISSON SAS. A. CalciumB. Calcium CarbonateC. Calcium BicarbonateD. Calcium ChlorideCan you answer this question, the first slideof the CPD? Most people get it wrong!To check the correct answer,call our technical hotline.Simon Pearson is Chief Engineer of two The Stansted Airport hotel has 500 rooms and ble. However, occasionally towards the end ofRadisson SAS Hotels, one at London Stansted uses 48,000 cubic metres of water per annum a cycle, some shower heads show a slightAirport and the other in Londons Portman with a hardness of 315 ppm calcium carbonate marking from scale encrustation. SimonSquare. The Portman has a conventional ion equivalent. It has two Water-King WK4 units describes the problem as purely aesthetic.exchange water softener; Stansted Airport relies installed on the 108mm boosted cold water The showers work normally, the scaling is veryon Water-King physical water conditioners. service and a Water-King WK3 on each of the light but it is visible so it cannot be describedSimon is particularly well placed to judge the 54mm returns to the Hoval plate and frame heat as perfect. Given the cost and inconvenience ofmerits of the two methods of treating hard exchangers. The total cost of these units when installing conventional water softeners inwater. installed was 5,100. The annual running costs Stansted (an estimate of 45,000 has beentotal 40. received and the projected salt and mainte-The Portman has 272 bedrooms and uses about Simon opens the heat exchangers annually for nance costs total 15,600), Simon is content to40 tonnes of salt per annum for softening, at a inspection and describes them as spotless - the live with the minor aesthetic problem of thecost of 6,800. Servicing adds a further 1,800 Water-King keeps them completely scale free. shower heads. He is extremely impressed bybringing the annual cost to 8,600. For cleaning the cleanliness of the heat exchangers andand sterilising the shower heads, there is a The only scale related issue is with the shower grateful for the reduced environmental impactrolling three monthly programme of removal, heads. The Portman uses the same cleaning of the Water-Kings.soaking in Sulphamic Acid and replacement. regime, so the costs at Stansted are compara-PRODUCTS LTD. Suppliers of High Quality Water Treatment EquipmentUnit 19, Cheltenham Trade Park, Gloucestershire, GL51 8LZTel +44 (0)1608 811 707 Fax +44 (0)1608 819 060 Email sales@lifescience.co.uk www.lifescience.co.ukLIFESCIENCE_A2021.indd 1 04/06/2021 13:39'