b'ClaFROM DUNHAM-BUSH NEW smas sterULTRA LOW ENERGY HEAT RECOVERY VENTILATION FOR CLASSROOMS Patented variable mass heat exchanger Maintains thermal efciency at 100%and 50% airow Fully compliant with BB101 2018 Up to 82% efcient energy reclaim 100,000 hour long life, low energy EC fans Low prole, only 300mm in height Low sound levels Inner city lter ePM 2.5 (F7)Trend Bacnet control Space heating optionV E N T I L A T I O NA master class in low energy E-mail: info@dunham-bush.co.ukventilation for classrooms www.dunham-bush.co.ukW E L C O M ET OT H EC O M F O R TZ O N Epage 28 www.hvindex.comDUNHAMBUSH_A2021.indd 1 04/06/2021 08:00'