b'Energy OptimisationCHP Metering COMBINED HEAT & POWER / Fuel & TriGeneration Fuel Feed Line Combustion EnhancementEvaporative Coolers - MobileEvaporative Coolers - Window Units Evaporative Coolers - Installed Up/Down/Side discharge Evaporative CoolersIn-Direct Adiabatic Air-Conditioner Evaporative CoolersSub Web Adiabatic Air-Conditioner Heat Recovery - Heat Exchangers- Air Heat Recovery - Heat Exchangers- Water Heat Recovery - Ventilation Units - including Phase Change Controls - Windows /Louvres Control Systems Controls - DaylightDimming / PIR / Offsite Chillers, Absorption, Hot Water / Solar Chillers, Absorption, Hybrid Dual Thermographic Surveys Predictive Programme Systems Energy Metering / Monitoring Destrati\x1fcation Units / Fans Mixed-Mode Ventilation, with cooling/ heating / hybridFor Control Systems & Peripherals: see Section 4.02Instrumentation: see Section 4.04Heat Exchangers: also see Section 5.061.10 Renewables:Energy OptimisationThis Chart has been prepared to also identify suppliers of equipment to OPTIMISE ENERGY USAGE in Industrial and Commercial Applicationsl = Manufacturer or main UK SupplierQ = Distributor re-sellerW = Rental / Hire servicel l l Q Q l l AET FLEXIBLE SPACE See page 51l l ATLANTIC BOILERS See page 18 & 19BSRIA INSTRUMENT SOLUTIONSl lSee page 168l COMBAT See page 227l l l l l COOLTHERM See page 97 & 116CPA ENGINEERED SOLUTIONSQ l lSee page 154l DRAVO See page 70, 212 & 242l l DUNHAM-BUSH See page 32 & 152l l l ECOAIR BOX See page 26l l l l ECOCOOLING See page 28l l l l KLIMA-THERM See page 40 & 102MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC l l l l l l See page 16 & 17l l MWA TECHNOLOGY LTD See page 174l l PANASONIC See page 22 & 45l l l PRIVA See page 160l REMEHA See page 30 & 80Q Q l l l REZNOR See page 42, 222, 234 & 240l l l l l l SAV SYSTEMS UK See page 182 & 279l l l l l l SEELEY INTERNATIONAL See page 48l SONTAY See page 167l Q STOKVIS ENERGY SYSTEMS See page 211l l l l l SWEGON See page 79 and BACK COVERl l SWITCH2 ENERGY See page 175l l l VIESSMANN See page 12 & 194page29A20_01_v4.indd 7 17/04/2020 16:24'