b'Max Cooling Comfort Air air\x1fow capacity MOUNTINGm 3 /s kW Conditioners Packaged 12kWLargest unit in range Smallest unit in range Largest unit in range Smallest unit in range Roof-top Built-in/Vertical Built-in/Horizontal(void mtd) Floor mounted In the wall Window/Through the wall NON-DUCTED DUCTED COOLING ONLY REVERSE CYCLE Water Cooled Air Cooled2.03 \x03Cooling Capacities are with an ambient temp. of 35C with an air on coil at 27C.l = Manufacturer or main UK SupplierQ = Distributor re-sellerW = Rental / Hire serviceAir Conditioners, Packaged 12kW0.57 0.50 10.6 1.9 l l l l l l l l AIREDALE INTERNATIONAL See page 8 & 870.35 0.17 10.25 6.7 l l l l BROUGHTON EAP See page 501.5 0.4 16.0 12.0 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q FLKTGROUP UK See page 60, 66, 84, 94 & 140MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC1.40 0.52 22 14 l l l l l l l lAir Conditioning Systems See page 16 & 17For a full range of AIR INTAKE SCREENS see ECEX page 56 For addresses & contact details see page 41page37A20_02_v4.indd 3 17/04/2020 16:25'