b'Up/Down/Side dischargeAir Conditioning AIR INTAKE SCREENS Constant Volume Regulators HRV Heat Reclaim Ventilation Flat Roof PLANT SUPPORT SYSTEMS Pressure Controllers, Fire Escape Routes AIR PRESSURE STABILISERS PRESSURE RELIEF VENTS DISPLACEMENT VENTILATION GEOTHERMIC SYSTEMS Evaporative Coolers - Window Units EVAPORATIVE COOLING / Mobile EVAPORATIVE COOLING / InstalledEvaporative CoolersIn-Direct Adiabatic Air-Conditioner Evaporative CoolersSub Web Adiabatic Air-Conditioner ICE/THERMAL STORAGE FLOOR-VOID, Plenum Systems Variable REFRIGERANT FLOW HEAT PUMPS CHILLED CEILINGS/BEAMSAir-conditioning systems Systems,Ancilliary Equipment and Evaporative Cooling2.06 For Comfort Air Conditioners,AC Systems, Ancillaries & Evaporative Cooling See Sections 2.01 to 2.05For Close Control /CRAC systems,See Section2.12l = Manufacturer or main UK SupplierQ = Distributor re-sellerW = Rental / Hire service See chart 1.05 for full listing detailsSee chart 2.10 for full listing detailsl l AERCON See page 130l l AET FLEXIBLE SPACE See page 51l AIREDALEINTERNATIONALSee page 8 & 87\x03\x03W \x03\x03 ALL SEASON HIRE See page 72, 73 &286l l l BARCOL-AIR See page 120l BROUGHTON EAP See page 50l BRYMEC See page 139 & 280Q CAMFIL See page 57l l l CMR CONTROLS LTD See page 173l l CONDAIR See page 108 & 114Q CPA ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS LTD See page 154l ECEX AIR INTAKE SCREENS See page 56l l l ECOCOOLING See page 28l l l l l l FLAKTGROUP UK See page 60, 66 ,84, 94 & 140l l l l l GREE UK see page 44l l l l HALTON PRODUCTS See page 81 & 122l l l l l Q KLIMA-THERM see page 40 & 102LG ELECTRONICS BUSINESS SOLUTIONSl lSee page 46 & 52l l POWER UTILITIES See Aerconl PUMA AIR MOVEMENT See page 216Q l l RCM AIR PRODUCTS See page 150l l l l l SEELEY INTERNATIONAL See page 48l l TROX UK See page 62, 74 & Inside Front CoverWEATHERITE AIR CONDITIONINGl lSee page 69 & 95page47A20_02_v4.indd 7 17/04/2020 16:25'