b'Temporary heating solutions from the UKs leading specialist hire companyThe use of air purification equipment is rapidly on the rise, with companies in most business sectors becoming increasingly keen to address legitimate concerns over poor air quality. It is well-known that exposure to particles and other pollutants can induce or aggravate respiratory illnesses, with the impact of COVID-19 further reinforcing that there is a huge market for air purifiers and cleaners.As a company with a well-established history of introducing new innovations and staying ahead of market trends, we have developed our range of mobile air purification systems with multiple applications in mind.As part of the Andrews Sykes group, the UKs leading specialisthire company, we offer a true24/7/365 service backed by our nationwide depot network. Heating HireAndrewsSykesistheUKsleadingspecialisthirecompany, providingsolutionsforheating,cooling,drying,ventilationandnowair quality. Well help you by providing a true 24/7/365 service backed by our nationwide network of depots ensuring the right equipment arrives where you need it, when you need it.www.hvindex.com page 55ANDREWSSYKES_AIRPURIFIER_A2021.indd 1 01/06/2021 09:30'