b'OdourOdourFiltration & Air Intake Screens Indoor Air Quality Negative Pressure Unit HEPA + Terminal Filtration Cold Plasma Bipolar Ionisation Ultra-violet OBJECT Sterilisation Ultra-violet AIR Sanitisation Media All Types Filter Alarms Test Equipment Absolute/Ultra High Efficiency Filters Compact Filters, Grades H10 + Compact Filters, Grades F6 to F9 Bag Type Grease Eliminators Activated/Catalytic Carbon Filters Electrostatic Energy Saving Dry, Disposable Dry, Cleanable Automatic, Self-cleaning Automatic, Roll-type Land Remediation (Soil and Ground) Waste Transfer Stations Waste Recycling Landfilll Gas Control Waste 2 Energy Plants Biogas - H2S and Siloxane Removal Biomass - Odour, Fume, Dust ControlPanels/ Control/ Dust Cells / VOCControl SterilisationAbatement2.07 = Manufacturer or main UK Supplier= Distributor re-seller= Rental / Hire service= Service, Installation & RepairsAir Filtration & Air/Object Sterilisation 1st SYSTEMSSee page 82 & 102 AAC EUROVENT See page 56 & 160AET FLEXIBLE SPACESee page 53 & 151BROUGHTON EAP See page 52 & 143 CAMFIL See page 59CPA ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS See page 156 ECEX AIR INTAKE SCREENS See page 58EMCEL FILTERS See page 61 FILTREX See page 60KLIMA-THERMSee page 42 & 114KRANTZ UK See page 80, 129 & 150 TROX UK See page 64, 76, 149 & Inside Front Cover1ST SYSTEMS ENGINEERING LTD CAMFIL LTDFILTREX GLOBALThe Studio 50 Temple Road Knowsley Road Gobal House Unit 17 Epsom KT198HA Haslingden BB4 4EG Burnt Mill Industrial EstateTel: 01372 800 009 Tel: 01706 238000 Harlow CM20 2HSe-mail: sales@1stsystems.co.uk e-mail: uk.filtersales@camfil.com Tel: 01279 457590web: www.1stsystems.co.uk web: www.camfil.com e-mail: sales@filtrex.co.ukPRODUCT DETAILS page 82 & 102 PRODUCT DETAILS page 59 web: www.filtrex.co.ukPRODUCT DETAILS page 60AAC EUROVENT CPA ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS LTD AAC House Unit K Calderhead Road KLIMA-THERM LTD Maybrook Industrial Estate Shotts ML7 4EQ Unit 42 Weir Road,Brownhills WS8 7DG Tel: 01501 825024 Durnsford Industrial EstateTel: 0800 999 4884 e-mail: sales@cpa-group.com WimbledonLondon SW19 8UGe-mail: sales@aaceurovent.co.uk web: www.cpa-group.com Tel: 020 8947 1127web: www.aaceurovent.co.uk PRODUCT DETAILS page 156e-mail: info@klima-therm.co.ukPRODUCT DETAILS page 56 & 160 web: www.klima-therm.co.ukECEX AIR INTAKE SCREENS PRODUCT DETAILS page 42 & 114AET FLEXIBLE SPACE Unit H, Venture HouseThe Center Bone Lane KRANTZ LTD201 London Road Newbury Epsilon House Laser QuayEast Grinstead RH19 1HA Berks RG14 5SH Medway City EstateTel: 01342 310400 Tel: 01635 244100 Rochester ME2 4HUe-mail: aet@flexiblespace.com e-mail: sales@ecex.co.uk Tel: 0203 912 6222web: www.flexiblespace.com web: www.airintakescreens.co.uk e-mail: sales@krantzuk.comPRODUCT DETAILS page 53 & 151 PRODUCT DETAILS page 58 web: www.krantzuk.comPRODUCT DETAILS page 80,129 & BROUGHTON EAP LTDEMCEL FILTERS150Units 24-25 Blatchford RoadCrossgate Road Horsham TROX UK LTDPark Farm Industrial Estate West Sussex Caxton Way Thetford IP24 3SQRedditch B98 7SN RH13 5RA Tel: 01842 754545Tel: 01527 830610 Tel: 01403 253215 e-mail: trox@troxuk.co.uke-mail: sales@broughtoneap.co.uk e-mail: info@emcelfilters.co.uk web: www.troxuk.co.ukweb: www.broughtoneap.co.uk web: www.emcelfilters.co.uk PRODUCT DETAILS page 64, 76, PRODUCT DETAILS page 52 & 143 PRODUCT DETAILS page 61 149 & INSIDE FRONT COVERpage57B20_02_v12.indd 10 05/11/2020 12:01'