b'Product IndexT HE HV INDEX DESKThe number alongside eachBSectionREFERENCE BOOK is designed to provide specifiers and buyers of industrial andproduct indicates the SectionB.E.M.S - BUILDING ENERGY commercial heating, ventilation,covering that product.MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS 4.01air-conditioning and refrigerationSection numbers are at the topBIOMASS, Boilers,equipment with an easy-to-use,right hand corner of each page. Generators 1.01regularly updated guide to sources of supply. Domestic heating is notBespoke Packaged Pumping covered. ASection Systems .6.03Product IndexThe INDEX is published twice aAbsolute Air Filters 2.07 Boiler Damper,year in Spring and Autumn.Access Doors (Dampers) .3.01Presssure/Temp Control6.03Section numbers are in the TOPAcoustic Enclosure Panels 3.05 Boiler Feed Pumps5.04 & 6.03CORNER of CHART/ADDRESSAcoustic Louvres, Attenuating .Boiler Feed Water Treatmentpages. .3.05Equipment, .5.04, 6.01 & 7.02The HV Index Desk Reference BookAcoustic Ventilation Units 3.05 BOILERS5.01is divided into main sections asActuators, Water .5.01listed on page 1. for Dampers .3.01 Steam 5.02Throughout the book thesefor Valves 6.04 Fuel & Type 5.03section numbers appear in theAdiabatic Dry Coolers .2.13 Biofuel 1.01 & 5.03TOP OUTSIDE CORNER of theAbsorption Dry Coolers .2.13 Biodiesel .1.01 & 5.03page. Adhesives,Biomass .5.03For Ductwork, etc. .3.02 Buffer Tanks 1.05 & 1.06Product Indexfor Insulation 5.07 Coal .5.03A PRODUCT INDEX coveringAir Barriers .5.10 Electric .5.03specific items of equipmentAir/Volume Control Dampers .3.01 Gas/LPG 5.03commences on this page andAir Conditioners,Gas Atmospheric .5.03gives the number of the SECTION covering that product.Comfort Systems 2.01 - 2.05 Oil 5.03 Split Systems Booster Sets.6.03Range Charts and Suppliers Under 12kW 2.01 Boxed Fans .3.03Addresses 12kW to 45kW .2.02 Boiler Room Accessories 5.04A chart detailing manufacturers Packaged Systems BURNERS5.04ranges of products is included Under 12kW 2.03at the front of each SECTION.12kW to 45kW .2.04 CSectionThe chart is followed by a page 45kW to 100+kW 2.05 Calorifiers5.06containing the addresses and Close Control .2.12 Calorifiers, with Boilers 5.01telephone numbers of suppliersAir Conditioning AccessoriesCalorifiers, Electric 5.06included on the chart2.06 Canopies .3.07Manufacturers ProductAir Conditioning Control.4.01 Carbon Dioxide Monitors 4.04Information Air Conditioning Systems Catalytic Scale Prevention 7.02Suppliers including advertisements Flexible, floor void systems Ceiling & Plenum Systems 3.07are included in BOLD CAPITALS on .2.06 Ceiling Suspension/AirDiffusion the charts with the number of the Floor-void, ducted systems Systems3.04page on which users will find more.2.06 CENTRAL STATION AIR information on their productsFloor Void Plenum . HANDLING UNITS 2.08 .2.06 CFC Recovery .7.01Subscription RateGeothermic systems . Chemical Feeding EquipmentCopies of the HV INDEX may 1.05 & 2.06for Packaged Boilers.7.02be purchased for 50 per copy, Ice Thermal Storage .2.06 CHILLED CEILINGS & BEAMS. including 5 postage and packing. Air Cooled Condensers2.13.2.10Air Curtains 5.10 CHILLERS2.11Air Diffusion/CeilingAbsorption 1.10 & 2.11The HV INDEX ON-LINE Suspension Systems.3.04 Air Cooled .2.11 & 2.13CATALOGUE LIBRARY is now onAir Distribution Equipment . Free Cooling 2.11& 2.13the web at www.hvindex.com and 3.01-3.07 Packaged 2.11 contains manufacturers cataloguesAir Filter Media.2.07 Precision Cooling .2.11 & 2.13in PDF and HTML formats. Air Filter Test Equipment2.07 CHIMNEYS & FLUES5.05The web also contains a CPDAIR FILTRATION2.07 Chilled Water Fans Coils .2.14directory of CPD (ContinuingAIR HANDLING UNITS CHP Combined Heat & Power 1.10Professional Development) courses. including Heat Recovery .2.08 CHP Metering 1.10AIR HEATER/COOLERCirculating Pumps6.03 BATTERIES.2.09 Cladding Materials forAir Heating/Cooling EnergyInsulation & Ductwork.5.07 Recovery Wheels1.10 & 5.06 Cleaning, Duct .7.01Air Intake Screens 2.01-3.07 CLOSE CONTROL AIRAir Pressure Stabilisers2.06CONDITIONING.2.12Air Quality Monitoring .4.02 & 7.01 Coatings, Insulation5.07Air Socks .3.02 Coils, Heat Transfer .2.09HV INDEXAir Velocity/Volume/ Coils, Direct Exopansion .2.09DESK REFERENCE BOOKAnemometers 4.04 Coils, Cooler 2.09is published byAir Vents, Automatic 6.04 Coils, Steam 2.09Trendale Ltd Air Washers2.13 Cold Water Pressurising 28 Penwortham Rd,Airflow Measurement4.02 & 4.04Sets.6.03South Croydon, CR2 0QS Alarms4.02 Combination Heating & Tel: 020 8763 1011Alarms, Filter2.07 Ventilation Units .3.07e-mail: info@hvindex.com Anti-Vibration Mountings3.05 Combustion Analysis .4.04web: www.hvindex.com Attentuating AcousticCombined Heat & Power .1.10 2021 Trendale Ltd Louvres3.05 Combined Air Diffusion/Ceiling Publisher: Claire Trench ATTENTUATORS. 4 08/06/2021 16:18'