b'Delivering Optimised Indoor Air Quality 40/s x \x1a,\x1f\x1f\x1f) \x1bDaikin Applied (UK) Ltd designs and manufactures a range of Air Handling Units that are Air \x1c ow (m34 fully HTM and SHTM 03-01 compliant. From standard modular units to more complex bespoke systems, our products are designed to provide inherent \x1c exibility that can be con\x19 gured and combined speci\x19 cally to meet the exact requirements of any healthcare 28building. 25 Our AHUs are designed to be the most environmentally friendly and energy e\x18cient on the market, thus reducing their ecological impact, whilst keeping costs down through the 22 minimisation of energy consumption. Combined with the small physical footprint of the system, these features make our Air Handling Units ideal for your application.191614D-AHU 11 Professional D-AHU Modular R D-AHU 5.5 Modular P D-AHU Modular L\x1f.\x1e\x1d m\x1c/s \x1c \x1f.\x1d\x1c m\x1c/s \x1f.\x1d\x1c m/s\x1f.\x1f\x1e m\x1d/s0 up to \x1b\x1f m /s up to \x1a.\x19\x18 m\x1c/s up to \x1b.\x1d\x1a m/s up to \x1f.\x1e m\x1d/sFor all your AHU, Chiller, Spares & Service enquiries contact us on:0345 565 2700www.daikinapplied.ukpage 66 www.hvindex.comDAIKIN_AHU_A2021.indd 1 04/06/2021 07:54'