b'M U L T I - S E R V I C E Emergency C H I L L E DB E A M S Heating & Cooling WaterOverpipeLED IndicatorConnectionCircuit ConnectionMARKET LEADING ENERGY EFFICIENCY Air Supply ConnectionKEY BENEFITS OF MSCBSLow running costs - minimal maintenance as there are no moving parts or lters to renew.Long life expectancy.100% recyclable and no refrigerant to dispose of.Many services in a single unit - reducing on-site installation time.Optimum levels of occupancy thermal comfort, energy efciency and indoor air quality. PIR SensorFrengers Chilled Beams (MSCBs) provide market-leading energyHeat Exchanger Batteryefciency, compared to alternative solutions such as VAV fancoil unitsSprinkler Pipeworkcan provide energy cost savings of up to 25%. A major elementSprinkler HeadPerforated Underplateof this is because Active Chilled Beams provide their cooling with anPA/VA Speakerelevated chilled water ow temperature (typically 14C), which allowsSmoke Detectorfor more free cooling and greater Coefcient of Performance (COP)AMDV(Air Management Discharge Vanes)from the chiller. Lighting via LED Boards Concealed in Polycarbonate Diffuser For further information on Multi Service Chilled Beams or to learn about our other product ranges please visitwww.frenger.co.ukCIBSE Approved CPD for Chilled Beamspage 74 www.hvindex.comFRENGER_CHILLED_A2021.indd 1 04/06/2021 09:03'