b'EFFICIENT AND SUSTAINABLE INDOORS CLIMATE ENVIRONMENTSSafe andcomfortableHigh class ofce Solutions - Chilled beams Laboratories & Healthcare Air diffusionindoor environments Energy-efcient and sustainable life cycleSolutions forPublic and commercial buildings,industry applications or hospitals,Your indoor environmentalpartnerthroughout the building lifeFromdesigntomaintenanceA to Z tailor made answers to your needs INDOOR ENVIRONMENT,ENERGY EFFICIENCY,DESIGN ANDSAFETY.ALL PROVIDED BY HALTON@ More info www.halton.co.ukCHILLED BEAMS - AIR FLOW MANAGEMENT - AIR DIFFUSION - FIRE SAFETYHalton Products Ltd4 The Matchyns, London Road, RivenhallWitham, Essex CM8 3HATel. +44 (0)1376 507000 - Fax. +44 (0)1376 501018 Enabling Wellbeingwww.hvindex.com page 83HV Index 3.indd 1 03/03/2014 16:02:23HALTON_B2020.indd 1 02/11/2020 21:36'