b'DENCO ProductsMulti-DENCOInverter Free CoolingClose control unitOur F version incorporates an extremely energy e\x1dcient free cooling feature to compliment all the bene\x1fts of our A-version design. We use electronically commutated (EC) fans both indoor and outdoor, an on-board EC free cooling pump and variable speed compressors should the DX system be needed. F version is the \x1cagship of our range, using indirect free cooling to achieve an extremely low annualised pPUE of only 1.1. Energy e\x1dcient free cooling EC fans both indoor & outdoor On-board EC free cooling pump Less space required Comparable running costs to evaporative cooling systemsLower capital costUltra-DENCOChilled Water Close Control Unit Adia-DENCOIndirect Evaporative Cooling unitRow-DENCOClose control unitpage 90 www.hvindex.comFLAKT_DENCO_A2021.indd 1 01/06/2021 10:12'