b'Heat exchangersyou can trustReliable, ef cient, legally sustainablethese are the requirements operatorsplaceonmodernrefrigeratingplants.However,acooling system works optimally and can meet the above mentioned demands HVAC only if high-quality component parts are used in the refrigeration cycle and if these are perfectly matched. This means that planners, plant contractorsandoperatorsneedtohaveaneyeondiverseaspects already when planning cooling systems.Gntnermakesits know-howavailablefordemandingpro-jectseveryday: Workingcloselywith customersandpart-ners,werelyona global network of ex-pertstoprovideyou with practical compe-tence we gained from international projects. REFGntner Yourreliablepartner for over 85 years.Condensersdry coolersair coolersevaporativeadiabaticplate heat exchangers\x1f 0844 22 50 600www.guntner.co.ukpage 96 www.hvindex.comGUNTNER_A2021.indd 1 04/06/2021 09:15'