b'SPECIALISTS IN CRITICAL COOLING EQUIPMENTFast-Track Close Control Air Conditioning UnitsUltra-Quick lead time units built to order in just 4 weeks!A rapid lead time on built-to-order Precision Air Conditioning Equipment can be critical in quick turnaround t out projects where the cooling for critical IT, electrical and equipment rooms can often be the longest lead time items and can be the difference between on-time project completion or not.The new Uniair fast-track process is specically designed to alleviate this bottle neck in the programme without compromising the equipment; the CRAC unit specications and quality are identical to the rest of the Uniair range.FASTTRACK UNITS AVAILABLE NOWUpowDownowAir-cooled DX including condensersInverter compressor DXChiller waterUp to 50kW capacityCooling onlyFull function with humidity control and electric heatingCOOLING TECHNOLOGYFOR THE FUTURE BROUGHT TO YOU BYChillersCRAC UnitsDry CoolersData Centre Cooling33 Star Lane Estate, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS3 0PJTel: 01702 219494Fax: 01702 219898Email: info@uniair.co.uk www.uniair.co.ukpage 96 www.hvindex.comUNIFLAIR_A2020.indd 1 17/04/2020 15:55'